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Health Benefits of Watermelon + Recipes

With summer right around the corner, we decided to feature one of our favorite summer fruits, watermelon, on this week’s blog. Far more than a tasty summertime staple, watermelon is loaded with nutrients and has amazing health benefits. We’ve highlighted those benefits below, and included some of our favorite recipes that feature this tasty treat!

Sliced ripe watermelon

Health Benefits of Watermelon

  1. Boosts immunity – Rich in vitamin C, watermelon helps improve immune function, shorten the duration of sickness, improves symptoms, and helps the body defend against disease and cancer
  2. Relieves pain and muscle soreness – Studies have shown that watermelon’s supply of the amino acid l-citrulline is effective at reducing muscle soreness
  3. Detoxifies the body – Watermelon is made up of about 91 percent water, and fruits and veggies with high water contents actually help the body to detox and rid itself of excess water and fluids
  4. Improves heart health – Watermelon is rich in potassium, and studies have proven that potassium intake from fruits and vegetables can help lower blood pressure in adults, decreasing the risk of stroke and heart disease
  5. Boosts eye health – Watermelon is a great source of beta carotene, which plays a role in preventing macular degeneration

Favorite Watermelon Recipes