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7 Doable Ways to Actually Keep the Weight Off

Losing weight and keeping it off can be quite the challenge. So once you reach your goal weight, what can you actually do to keep the weight off? Check out these 7 tips:

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#1 Set one simple health-related goal each month. Whether it’s drinking 100oz of water each day, making sure you eat breakfast each morning, or getting in 3 or more workout sessions each week, set one simple goal each month!

#2 Don’t spiral because of one day of overeating. We’ve all been there. You celebrate a birthday. You’re in a wedding. It’s the holidays. Life is full of reasons to celebrate, and unfortunately most of us have unhealthy foods ingrained in our brains as an integral part of celebrating. One day of poor eating does not define you or your lifestyle. Shake it off and start over with healthy choices for the very next meal.

#3 Put vegetables in everything. Vegetables are packed with vitamins and minerals, are low calorie, and will help fill you up. Toss them in your eggs, in your smoothie, or eat them for a snack instead of reaching for a bag of pre-packaged foods.

#4 Eat slowly and savor your food. Eat intentionally. Turn off the TV. Sit down at a real table. Use a knife and fork. Chew. This allows you to be more aware of your food and to actually enjoy it and listen to your body — are you actually hungry? Or are you simply eating because you zoned out while watching The Bachelorette?

#5 Schedule exercise as a meeting for yourself that you cannot skip. Exercise is an important part of maintaining your weight. Consider it a meeting for yourself that you simply have to attend. It’s great for mind, body, and soul.

#6 Expect some fluctuation with your weight — it’s normal! You’re human — your weight will fluctuate depending on your hydration level, the amount of sodium you consume, your hormones, etc. Monitor your weight (but do not obsess over it!) to make sure you are staying within your body’s healthy range.

#7 Only “cheat” if you’re going to enjoy it and not feel guilty about it. If you’re going to beat yourself up over eating that cupcake, chances are you didn’t actually want that cupcake. You were likely using food to try and satisfy a deeper seeded issue. Do you want the junk food that’s been placed in front of you the last five minutes, or the body you’ve wanted your entire life?

Do you have any other tips to help keep the weight off? Share them in the comments below!