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Google Reviews

The “Go To” Chiropractor in Chicago. I am a Chiropractor in Florida and can highly reccomend Dr. Fisher. His level of clinical excellence is apparent on your first visit. His staff is friendly and the office is welcoming. I have several patients that live in Florida half the year and Chicago during the summer. Dr. Fisher is my number one referral for all your healthcare needs. His ability to diagnose and the time he takes to explain conditions to patients is second to none. This office should be on your list to get back on track to wellness.


–David Zamikoff


I have had chronic low back pain stemming from a sports injury in high school, circa 1999.  I put off treatment since my injury until a recent golf outing where the pain in my lower back and left hip became unbearable.  I went to see Dr. Fisher to get checked out and discuss treatment options.  We discovered I had a limited range of motion in my left hip and an extra lumbar in my lower back.  Over the past 18 weeks, my pain (scale 1 to 10) has gone from a 7 to a 2.  I am able to swing a golf club, take long car rides, sit at my desk all day at work… without little to no pain.  Through acupuncture, adjustments and stretching exercises, my pain is nearly non-existent and no longer interferes with my daily routines and physical activities.  I am ecstatic to feel this good and I have Dr. Fisher to thank.  I would recommend anyone with any type of back/neck/hip issues to get a consultation and take control of their pain. The results speak for themselves.


–Thomas Stansell


Dr. Fisher was fantastic.  I had hurt my back running and the pain was radiating from my lower back into my hip. Walking was painful and I had to stop working out altogether.  I tried to rest it hoping things would get better but things only seemed to get worse.  With three weeks of treatments and Dr. Fisher’s core strengthening exercises I was feeling completely normal again and able to get back in the gym.


–Thomas Niemants



Yelp Reviews

After spending years suffering with chronic migraines, I’m finally getting my life back and have Dr. Fischer to thank for it! I have tried EVERYTHING, have been on countess medications and am kicking myself for not coming here sooner. The office is very nice and everyone here is extremely welcoming and helpful. They have some of the latest technologies and the mixture of frequent acupuncture and chiropractic treatment has proven to be effective for me. Sure, it’s time consuming and it’s not cheap, but when you’re in almost constant pain, it’s well worth it. For anyone else out there with neck or back issues, make your way over to the Gold Coast and visit Dr. Fischer and his staff!


P.S. They are located next to a TON of delicious places to eat in case you need to eat your feelings after having acupuncture needles stuck in your face and neck. 🙂


–Linz M.


I feel better as soon as I step into the Gold Coast Chiropractic office. The office has a soothing feel which is multiplied by the kindness of the receptionist Veronica and Dr. Fischer. After getting hit by a car Dr. Fischer is helping me heal and being very supportive at the same time. I highly recommend booking an appointment if you are suffering any pain.


–Edie G.


I am writing to share the incredible healing journey I have experienced as a result of Dr. Fischer’s Digital Motion Xray(DMX) results. I had been in 2 car accidents in less than 5 years causing debilitating headaches, neck and shoulder pain. After the 2nd accident, no MRI, MRA or static xray showed any damage other than the standard arthritis, bone spurs and disc degeneration of a middle aged woman. Doctor’s in Massachusetts, where I’m from, gave me a disabling prognosis that would require nerve burning, pain meds and no chance of a cure. All that changed after my visit with Dr. Fischer and the DMX results.


After the Digital motion xray was performed by Dr. Fischer himself, I was given the results that would change my prognosis and give me my life back! Dr. Fischer walked us through the digital xray explaining each and every thing he saw including 3 compression fractures and multiple ligament injuries in my upper cervical spine that were causing the cervical instability. Now we finally had the facts of what was causing my debilitating pain.


I am now receiving Prolotherapy treatments by Dr. Ross Hauser and fly to Chicago from Massachusetts every 4 weeks and the end is near when I will be released from treatment and ready to begin strengthening and enjoying life again.  Without Dr. Fischer’s expertise in Digital Motion Xray, I would not have the answers of what was causing my symptoms.


I am so grateful and appreciate of his ability, help and the technology. Dr. Fischer is a kind, caring doctor who can provide the facts of what is wrong when other tests( MRI’s, xrays) fail. There are few words to express my thanks for saving my life.


-Lisa N.

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