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Foods That Help Lower Blood Pressure

Millions of people everywhere in the world struggle to find a diet that allows them to regularly enjoy the food that they eat while also staying healthy.  One of the most common side effects of a poor diet is high blood pressure. This can lead to a huge range of other problems. Blood pressure refers to the amount of force exerted by the blood on the artery walls as it flows through them. This can cause issues with its flow through the organs of the body, especially in the heart. Lowering blood pressure can be difficult for some people who struggle with their diet, but there are many foods for them to choose from which can help out with lowering the blood pressure throughout the whole body.


Skimmed Milk

Dairy based products may not traditionally be seen as a heart healthy food, but skimmed milk does provide several key nutrients that help to deal with the problem in abundance. The extremely high content of both calcium and Vitamin D work together to build the strength of blood vessel walls and lower the ferocity of the blood flow. This relaxes the vessels throughout the body and means that skimmed milk is one of the easiest products to add to your diet if you are looking to reduce blood pressure.


One of the key minerals that doctors will prescribe to patients who need to lower their blood pressure is potassium. Bananas are one of the foods with the highest levels of the potassium content there is. This dramatically helps to bring the blood pressure under control through vastly lowering the speed of the blood whilst increasing its ability to effectively transport oxygen. This combines to make bananas one of the most heart healthy foods around.


Sources of lean protein are hugely important in maintaining the health of the heart and the vascular system. Salmon has a huge quantity of extremely lean protein in it which is great for lowering blood pressure on its own. It also contains an incredibly high amount of omega-3 which is not found in many other foods; especially not in such a large quantity. This omega 3 can work wonders on the blood pressure and also help with inflammation and lower the levels of triglycerides in the blood as well. It is also a rare food which contains a lot of Vitamin D which has several properties which are similar to that of a hormone; this causes a reaction that can dramatically lower a problematically high blood pressure.


There are many vitamins and minerals that contain properties which will help lower blood pressure. Soybeans contain a variety of these, making it one of the most effective vegetables available in the world of food to use for lowering the value of your blood pressure. Like bananas they also contain potassium which gives a huge amount of help to the blood travelling around the body. They also contain high levels of magnesium which forces the blood to carry more oxygen and help decrease the speed of the flow down to a normal rate; thereby lowering the overall pressure.


Only necessary in small amounts used within dishes, garlic contains various great chemicals which work to help the arteries maintain their ability to cope with blood flow and to help them expand and contract more efficiently. They are very high in nitric oxide which is key for promoting vasodilation. In other words they make it far easier for the blood vessels to expand according to the blood that is flowing through it. This means that the overall pressure on the walls of the vessels will be far lower and therefore blood pressure all over the body will fall as a result.


Often there are studies that find foods which work to reduce blood pressure but scientists aren’t completely sure why. Many studies have shown that consumption of pistachios is a great way to bring down the blood pressure by influencing a number of different factors within the system of arteries, veins and capillaries that make up the vascular network. They have been shown to reduce vascular resistance, meaning that the blood flow through even tighter places is allowed far easier, which alleviates a lot of the stress that is put on the walls by stopping them from tightening so often. They also lower the heart rate of someone who regularly eats them. This is very good for high blood pressure because a heart which pumps too fast forces blood through the arteries at a speed which places undue stress on the vessels. This combination is brilliant for dealing with vasoconstriction issues as well as the issues accompanying a rapid heart rate.

Olive Oil

Another compound which contains a lot of healthy fats that help to fight against blood pressure being too damaging. The polyphenols within the oil are compounds that have a very strong effect on the body and are able to get to work very quickly. They are able to quickly fight inflammation within the vascular network and allow the arteries to do their jobs more efficiently. This reduces the risk of damage to the walls of the vessels and therefore brings down the blood pressure.

Baked Potatoes

This power food offers many benefits to the heart in a number of vitamins and minerals which have to be obtained from multiple sources to have the best possible impact on the heart. They contain a lot of magnesium and also some potassium making them great for using with soybeans and bananas in a high potassium diet. When you consume a lot of potassium the body becomes far more efficient at eliminating sodium from the system, which is a key compound in having a very high blood pressure. Once this new diet begins to start the combination of minerals which you will now have in your blood will allow the vessels to relax and the blood to flow through far easier, greatly decreasing the blood pressure.

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