Chronic Neck Pain

Chronic pain is any ongoing pain that lasts beyond an expected time frame, and it doesn’t respond to typical pain management techniques. When patients experience chronic neck pain, it can be debilitating, causing absence from work, school, and the like. Life is not meant to be lived this way!


Chiropractic care provides a healthy solution to this problem by:

  • Providing a doctor skilled in finding and correcting the subluxations causing the chronic neck pain
  • Creating an individualized treatment plan to restore nerve function and relieve chronic neck pain once and for all
  • Treating chronic neck pain at its source, instead of masking it with medicines that only cover up symptoms

We Can Help!

At Gold Coast Chiropractic, we understand that chronic neck pain is truly miserable. We can help you feel better, faster! Contact us today.

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  • "Dr. Fisher was fantastic. I had hurt my back running and the pain was radiating from my lower back into my hip. Three weeks with Dr. Fisher and I was feeling completely normal again and able to get back in the gym."- Thomas Niemants
  • "After spending years suffering with chronic migraines, I'm finally getting my life back and have Dr. Fisher to thank for it! I have tried EVERYTHING, have been on countess medications and am kicking myself for not coming here sooner."- Linz M.
  • "I have been in 2 car accidents in less than 5 years causing debilitating headaches, neck and shoulder pain. Dr. Fisher was able to diagnose what others couldn’t. There are few words to express my thanks for saving my life."- Lisa N.