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I have had chronic low back pain stemming from a sports injury in high school, circa 1999.  I put off treatment since my injury until a recent golf outing where the pain in my lower back and left hip became unbearable.  I went to see Dr. Fisher to get checked out and discuss treatment options.  We discovered I had a limited range of motion in my left hip and an extra lumbar in my lower back.  Over the past 18 weeks, my pain (scale 1 to 10) has gone from a 7 to a 2.  I am able to swing a golf club, take long car rides, sit at my desk all day at work… without little to no pain.  Through acupuncture, adjustments and stretching exercises, my pain is nearly non-existent and no longer interferes with my daily routines and physical activities.  I am ecstatic to feel this good and I have Dr. Fisher to thank.  I would recommend anyone with any type of back/neck/hip issues to get a consultation and take control of their pain. The results speak for themselves.  – Thomas Stansell

Lower Back Pain


Back pain is an incredibly common health complaint, with about 80% of people experiencing it at some point in their lives. The lower back is the area that is most often affected by this pain. In fact, the total annual cost of low-back pain in the United States, including lost wages and reduced productivity, equates to almost $100 billion.



Chiropractic care provides a healthy solution to low back pain by:

  • Providing a doctor that specializes in finding the location of and correcting vertebral subluxations which may cause lower back pain
  • Treating lower back pain at its source, rather than masking the symptoms
  • Correcting nerve interference in the spine in order to provide long-term relief

And remember, you’re not alone, so don’t suffer in silence! The Number 1 cause of disability around the world is lower back pain. Upwards of 31 million people suffer from some type of back pain.  Chiropractic care treats your entire neuromusculoskeletal system, and it is especially helpful in treating back pain.

Have you been told that surgery is the only way to realize permanent relief?  This is an absolute last resort in our opinion.  Surgery is invasive, expensive, and the rehabilitation will keep you away from your life even longer.  Additionally, there is no guarantee that surgery will alleviate your pain, and if often creates a whole new set of problems.  Let Dr. Paul Fisher and Gold Coast Chiropractic show you alternative paths back to whole health.


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