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Chicago’s Must See and Visit Museums

Are you a lover of art and history? Ever been to a museum? A museum offers you the perfect opportunity to appreciate art, history, nature, and culture. The City of Chicago has more than enough of these to offer to its inhabitants and visitors!

Chicago is an exceptional city blessed with many museums. As a matter of fact, Chicago museums are indeed, beauties to behold. All the museums are exceptionally unique in their own way. Each one offers wonderful works of art, collections of artifacts, and so more.

Read on to learn more about some of Chicago’s best museums to visit!


Chicago’s Best Museums

Art Institute of Chicago

At the top of our list of must see museums in Chicago is the Art Institute of Chicago. Housing over 300,000 artworks and artifacts, the Art Institute of Chicago offers you a glimpse of history from different parts of the world, dated back in time. In this Institute, you will also find fragments of local buildings by Frank Lloyd Wright, architectural designs, as well as modern arts and artifacts.

The Art Institute also features the Renzo Piano’s light-filled Modern Wing. Here, you get to enjoy most of the things the Art Institute has to offer, including its architecture and design collection, modern art designs, creative handmade drawings, and more. You will also be able to the take in the incredible views of Millennium Park.

For more information on the Art Institute of Chicago, visit the museum’s website, here. The Art Institute is located at 111 S Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60603.

Field Museum

The Field Museum is one of the world’s top ranking natural history museums. Here, you find various biological, historical, and anthropological collections which have been assembled as far back as 1893! At the Field Museum, you can see dinosaur skeletons, ancient Egyptian mummies, well preserved animal skeletons, and so much more.

With so many incredible exhibits in one place, it is easy to spend countless hours learning and absorbing all the museum has to offer. Visiting the Field Museum should be on the top of every tourist and local’s to-do list. They are always incorporating new exhibitions so be sure to visit often!

Get more information on the Field Museum by visiting their website, here. The Field Museum is located at 1400 S. Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, IL 60605-2496.

Museum of Contemporary Arts

The Museum of Contemporary Arts is best known for its large collection of modern arts. It should come as no surprise that major tour exhibits, film screening, and artists in need of attractive locations, make Museum of Contemporary Arts their first point of call.

The Museum of Contemporary Arts also hosts shows, workshops, discussions, conferences and seminars. Some parts of the museum are currently undergoing reconstruction and expansion to improve the amenities, with the aim of offering excellent hospitality for the tourists visiting the museum.

For more information on Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Arts, visit their website here. The MCA is located at 220 E Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL 60611.

Museum of Science and Industry

The Museum Of Science And Industry is well known for the incredible works of science it houses.  The scientific inventions and innovations you come across at this museum are indeed jaw dropping. You will find the interactive bells whistles, the popular mirror maze in the “Numbers in Nature” exhibit, the whiz-bang “Science Storms”, the restored U-505 German submarine, etc. You can also explore a simulated coal mine, as well as a vintage diesel electric train.

This museum is a great, interactive experience that the entire family will love. By encouraging life long curiosity, the Museum of Science and Industry keeps guests coming back time and time again!

The Museum of Science and Industry is located at 5700 S Lake Shore Dr, Chicago, IL 60637. You can find more information here.

DuSable Museum of African American History

This is the home of African-American history in Chicago. Opened in 1961, its goal is to preserve the deep history of the African-American race. It is the oldest African-American museum in the country! The DuSable Museum of African American History is known to display documents, arts, artifacts from the lives of movers and shakers that were unjustly banished. The museum also houses a collection of original and unique African American historical arts.

Interested in learning more? Visit the museum at 740 E. 56th Pl., Chicago, IL 60637. Find more information, here.

Chicago History Museum  

This museum was formally known as the Stodgy Ol’ Chicago Historical Society. The museum enables tourists to view several archived photographs and artworks. Here, you will find attractive exhibits which have been added for the benefit of tourist and visitors. Some of these include “Chicago: Crossroads of America,” which is a treasure trove of historical objects. These objects include a chunk of the original Fort Dearborn, “Sensing Chicago, ” and  the exploration of the life of one of the greatest American presidents, Abraham Lincoln.

Explore the Chicago History Museum at 1601 North Clark Street, Chicago, IL, 60614. Visit the museum’s website for more information, here.

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