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Best Fall Weekend Getaways Near Chicago

For any one who’d like to get away this fall while avoiding the 24/7 hustle and bustle of Chicago’s city life, one of these options might just be the ideal solution. All of these getaway spots are within a two-hour drive of Chicago and offer beautiful sights and plenty of fun things to do during […]

20 Must Visit Fall Attractions in Chicago

Chicago, often called the “Windy City”, lies along the shores of Lake Michigan. Chicago is known for its interesting architecture, numerous cultural attractions, and vibrant arts scene. Chicago enjoys a worldwide reputation as a focal point of 20th century architecture and art. Artists like Chagall, Picasso, Mirõ, and Dubuffet and architects like Frank Lloyd Wright, […]

Chiropractic Care and TMJD

  Every day, we see that there are new and chronic diseases developing in the world. Fortunately, thanks to technology, doctors, and scientists, we have treatment options for each one of those diseases. An incredibly painful and common issue that we often encounter in patients is that of joint dysfunction, or some other sort of bone/joint pain which […]

Foods That Help Lower Blood Pressure

Millions of people everywhere in the world struggle to find a diet that allows them to regularly enjoy the food that they eat while also staying healthy.  One of the most common side effects of a poor diet is high blood pressure. This can lead to a huge range of other problems. Blood pressure refers to […]

Chiropractic and Sleep Relief

If you struggle to sleep well at night, you are not alone. In fact, more than 25 percent of the United States population reports difficultly falling asleep. 10 percent report having chronic insomnia! Less than 40 percent of Americans get the recommended 8 hours of sleep each night. America is tired, and it is having […]

The Health Benefits of Good Posture

How is your posture? As you sit and read this, are you slouched in front of a screen? Reading on your phone with your head tilted down? Sunken into the cozy corner of the couch? Growing up, we were all told plenty of times to sit up straight. Don’t slouch. Or, my personal favorite, “your […]

Chicago’s Must See and Visit Museums

Are you a lover of art and history? Ever been to a museum? A museum offers you the perfect opportunity to appreciate art, history, nature, and culture. The City of Chicago has more than enough of these to offer to its inhabitants and visitors! Chicago is an exceptional city blessed with many museums. As a matter of […]

The Worst Nutrition Myths Debunked

Everyone and their brother is an expert these days. If you spend more than five minutes on social media, you’ll be bombarded with opinions on everything from politics, parenting, nutrition, and more. While the Internet is an amazing tool, and social media is a powerful way to connect, both of these items have certainly created […]

11 Health Secrets From Your Chiropractor

Chiropractic care is about far more than just back pain relief! At Gold Coast Chiropractic, Dr. Paul Fisher firmly believes that chiropractic is about treating the entire body — mentally and physically. With this in mind, Gold Coast Chiropractic wanted to offer 11 health secrets to our readers. These secrets will not only help enhance your […]

Physical & Mental Benefits of Chiropractic

Chiropractic is about far more than pain management. It is about helping the entire body function as it should, and about helping patients live the best physical and mental life imaginable. The benefits of chiropractic extend far beyond pain relief. In fact, there are countless physical and mental benefits you can reap from regular chiropractic care. […]