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8 Ways to a Better Night’s Sleep

Everyone needs sleep! While the amount each person requires can vary, generally, experts recommend an adult gets no less than 8 hours of sleep each night. No amount of caffeine can give your body enough energy like a good night’s sleep. Period.

Hands down, sleep is one of the most important elements of self-care, and it’s time to reclaim it as an important necessity in your life! Here are 8 tips for how you can get a better night’s sleep:

Alarm clock

  1. Have a fixed bedtime (best case scenario, this is before 10pm). Your body starts to secrete melatonin around 9:30pm… turn off the TV, plug in your phone, and hit the hay before 10pm to capitalize on the best sleep possible.
  2. Have a bedtime routine. Journal, read, mediate, take a bath, drink some herbal tea, listen to relaxing music, whatever tickles your fancy. This routine helps signal to your body that you’ve flipped the off switch, and it’s time to rest.
  3. Exercise daily (but not too close to bedtime). Sleep directly impacts your body’s metabolism. The way your body burns energy during the day affects how it restores energy at night. Just 30 minutes a day of exercise, even if split into segments, can help!
  4. Spend some time in the sun. The body produces melatonin to help regulate your sleep cycles, and so obviously the more melatonin your make, the better you sleep! You can actually help your body produce more melatonin by exposing yourself to natural sunlight during the day, and avoiding bright lights at night.
  5. Don’t lie in bed awake. If you can’t sleep, don’t just stay in bed. Often, the anxiety of not being able to sleep will actually contribute to insomnia. Instead, turn on some relaxing music, read a book, mediate, and try again.
  6. Darken your room. Research shows that a dark bedroom helps you get better and more restorative sleep. Invest in some great blackout curtains, avoid LED alarm clocks, turn the TV off, etc.
  7. Check your pillow. The perfect pillow will keep your spine and neck in a straight line, preventing unnecessary strain on the spine. If you find your neck is flexed or raised, it’s time to purchase a pillow that lets you sleep in better alignment.
  8. Wake up at the same time each day. This is a quick way to re-pattern your sleep cycles. A regular wake up time will balance your biological clock and keep your natural rhythm consistent. If you’re struggling to wake up in the morning, flood your room with as much natural sunlight as you can as soon as you wake.

What tips do you gave for getting a better night’s sleep?