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6 Reasons You Should Nap More

Sleep is so important for your health — and many of us fall short of the recommended 7 to 9 solid hours of sleep we are supposed to get each night. When you miss this mark, a nap can help you tremendously!

Sleep design

Here are 7 reasons why you should nap more:

1. It will increase your patience. 

According to a research study done at the University of Michigan,  napping can increase your patience! Participants in the study were asked to draw geometric designs on a computer screen — a particularly challenging task. Those who napped for an hour before the exercise were able to draw for 90 seconds, compared to the control group who watched a nature film instead of sleeping. The control group gave up after 48 seconds.

2. You’ll be more alert. 

Napping is a great way to increase your alertness if you’re feeling groggy — the catch? Napping for too long can have the opposite effect. Experts recommend a 20-30 minute nap to increase alertness and improve focus.

3. It improves memory. 

A study done by German researchers found that taking an afternoon nap improves our ability to remember information. To test their theory, they asked participants to remember specific words and pairs. Half of the participants watched a DVD, while the other half took a nap. When asked to recall the words and pairs, the nap group performed 5x better than the DVD group.

4. It can improve creativity.

A study conducted by Sara Mednick out of the University of California, San Diego, found that people who take naps where they achieve REM sleep, the deep sleep state where you’re dreaming, are more creative when it comes to problem solving!

5. Regular napping may prevent heart disease. 

A study of 23,000 Greek adults found that those who took midday naps were over 30 percent less likely to die of heart disease!

6. Even thinking about a nap can lower your blood pressure. 

A British study found that participants’ blood pressure dropped before they even fell asleep for their nap — just the time it took them to relax and fall asleep was enough.