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5 Things Every Person Needs to Know About Chiropractic

The core concept and goal of chiropractic is to restore the function of your nervous system so that it can do its job — keeping your body healthy and active. By keeping your nervous system working smoothly and without interference, many health issues quickly become non-issues.

Over the past several years, countless scientific research studies have been conducted, proving that chiropractic is great for far more than aches and pains. We have 5 things we believe every person needs to know about chiropractic:


1. Chiropractic Boosts Immune Function: A 2010 study found that chiropractic adjustments boost blood serum levels of some natural antibodies in patients. This helps prime the immune system, making it easier to fight off illness.

2. Chiropractic Reduces Inflammation: A 2011 study found that back pain patients who received chiropractic care had significantly lower levels of a key inflammatory cytokine, known as TNF-α. High levels of TNF-α are linked to inflammatory diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, and psoriasis.

3. Chiropractic Reduces Stress: A 2011 study done by Japanese researches gave chiropractic adjustments to 12 men and then examined PET scan images and blood chemistry to see the effect that chiropractic has on the autonomic nervous system. After receiving a chiropractic neck adjustment, patients had altered brain activity in the parts of the brain responsible for pain processing and stress reactions. They also had significantly decreased cortisol levels, indicating decreased stress. Furthermore, they reported lower pain scores and better quality of life after treatment!

4. Chiropractic Improves Balance: Chiropractic helps keep your body active by restoring the normal, healthy functioning of your spine. The spine controls your body’s balance, and a study done in 2009 found that people who received chiropractic adjustments had reduced dizziness and improved balance. In 2015 a study was done that found chiropractic care as an effective tool to help prevent falls in elderly patients.

5. Chiropractic Relieves Colic in Babies: In 2012, researches studied 104 infants suffering from colic. One-third were treated with chiropractic adjustments and the parents were aware of the treatment; one-third were treated and the parents were unaware of the treatment; and one-third were untreated but the parents were unaware. The study found that the parents reported a significant decrease in infant crying in the treated babies compared to the infants who didn’t receive treatment.