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5 Signs of Digestive Problems

When your digestive system is functioning properly, you don’t even give it a thought. Digesting food is supposed to be a pain-free and sensationless process, but for many people, that simply isn’t the case. Millions of Americans each year skip work and go to their doctor for digestive issues like bloating, indigestion, pain, cramping, gas, motility changes, and many other complaints. It doesn’t have to be this way! Read on for information on common digestive issues, and ways to treat them!

5 Signs of Digestive Problems and How to Treat Them

1. Bloating

Bloating is most certainly one of the most common digestive issues in the country. Most everyone has felt bloated at one point or another, but being bloated every day following a meal is not at all normal for a person with a healthy digestion system. If jeans go on easy in the morning and are near impossible to wrestle off at night, it proves that bloating has become a serious and recurring issue for a person.

There are countless causes of bloating, but the best way to avoid it is to avoid gas-causing foods, supporting the digestive system with probiotics, and chewing food more. In fact, chewing food well before swallowing can help aid in a multitude of digestive issues that plague many people.

2. Constipation

Constipation is also a huge issue in the United States, with laxative sales bringing in millions each year. Many doctors argue that anyone who has fewer than three bowel movements each week is suffering from constipation, and some argue that anything less than once per day needs attention. People who, at least 25% of the time, feel they aren’t done, feel an obstruction, and/or have hard stool likely need a checkup.

Relieving constipation can be done by staying hydrated and eating more fiber. Healthy fats are also important in recovery, and establishing a bathroom routine can help. In fact, establishing a regular bathroom routine and sitting down at least once a day at a regular time can be a very quick way to solving constipation and keeping the problem at bay. Healthcare professionals suggest devoting 5 or 10 minutes to starting this routine each day, preferably at home either before going to work or in the evening before or after dinner. Many people couple this bathroom routine with the time that they normally shower to help build the association.

3. Diarrhea

Non-infectious diarrhea is a painful and upsetting digestive condition, but it can be cured through taking probiotics, acacia fiber, zinc and zinc carnosine, and avoiding raw foods. For people suffering from diarrhea, it’s important they get a stool test to determine whether they have infectious diarrhea (caused by a bug) or non-infectious.

Infectious diarrhea is a stomach bug and will need to be treated by a doctor’s advice. However, non-infectious diarrhea is reliant upon gut health and needs to be solved using more difficult tactics, like regularly taking in the needed amount of probiotics and consuming zinc on a regular basis. Zinc carnosine is also important, and it’s not a pick and choose deal. People suffering from non-infectious diarrhea should be doing all three things, along with avoiding raw food since it can worsen the condition.

Once the diarrhea is cured, looking at overall nutrition is important and raw foods can be re-introduced back into the person’s diet.

4. Low Stomach Acid

Stomach acid serves many important functions, such as breaking down protein and helping the body absorb certain minerals and vitamins. People taking acid-blocking medications are known to suffer from low stomach acid, but all sorts of people can be affected by it. The way to fix it is to take supplemental acid products to help restore the gut’s natural state of health.

When a person is suffering from low stomach acid, they should visit their doctor to consult with them about the best solution. The product they’ll be given or recommended will help re-build the stomach acid in the gut and aid them in restoring the overall health of their gut. The balance of stomach acid is easily moved off kilter, and should be monitored closely. Acid-blocking medications which often cause the problem to begin with should only be used after consulting with a doctor.

5. Infections and Parasites

Gut parasites and infections cause chronic digestive distress for many each year. These infections can lead to many other problems in the body along with overall discomfort. . The solution is to get a stool test to rule out infection. Once that’s done, the person should take antimicrobials and commit to a long plan of gut restoration.

How to Avoid Digestive Issues

They say that prevention is the best medicine, and that most certainly rings true. While everyone is sure to suffer digestive issues every once in a while, a massive amount of digestion related problems could be avoided if people simply ate healthier. While it’s easier said than done, it is possible to do and it simply takes establishing a habit of eating better. And, even if someone is eating relatively healthy foods, they also need to be keeping track of their macros—that is, what nutrients they are getting and how much.

It’s perfectly plausible that a person, especially someone who just drastically changed their diet, is experiencing digestive problems suddenly due to a lack of a certain nutrient and/or too much of a another one.

Each year, billions of dollars are spent for these medications and prescription laxatives alone. Simply eating healthier can end up saving people a great deal of money, discomfort, and time off work.

Chiropractic Care Can Help

At Gold Coast Chiropractic, Dr. Fisher believes in treating the whole patient. Chiropractic has proven to be a successful tool in treating digestive issues. By making sure the spine is properly aligned, the body’s nervous system can function like it should. Since the nervous system controls every cell in the body, this allows the digestive system to also function as it should!

Contact Gold Coast Chiropractic today to get started with your safe, natural, and effective treatment for digestive issues.