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4 Natural Treatments for Back Pain

Nearly 80 percent of adults experience persistent lower back pain at some point in their lives. In fact, almost 31 million Americans report struggling with lower back pain at any given moment in time. According to the American Chiropractic Association, lower back pain is also the single leading cause of disability across the globe. All of these stats mean that millions are looking for ways to relieve their back pain!

Symptoms of Low Back Pain

Back pain is not one size fits all. It impacts different people in different ways. However, common signs and symptoms of low back pain are:

  • Pain in the low back and down into the thighs
  • Sharp pains following an injury, impact, or trauma
  • Muscle weakness, heaviness, or numbness in the lower back area
  • Stiffness or reduced range of motion in the lower back
  • Pain when sleeping
  • Difficulty standing or long periods of time
  • Increased pain when standing
  • Discomfort near the tailbone while sitting


Lower Back Pain Causes and Risk Factors

The most common causes of low back pain include, but are not limited to:

  • Poor posture
  • Muscle strains or weaknesses
  • Poor form when exercising
  • Overtraining in exercise
  • Exercise or sports related injuries
  • Aging
  • Improper shoe support
  • Obesity
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Pregnancy
  • Anxiety or depression
  • Lack of sleep or poor sleep position
  • Arthritis
  • Osteoporosis
  • Constipation

Fortunately, there are natural treatments for lower back pain that work!

4 Natural Treatments for Lower Back Pain Relief

1. Chiropractic Adjustments

Regular chiropractic adjustments have proven time and time again to be effective in treating lower back pain. The Journal of North American Spine Society and the Journal of the American Medical Association found evidence that chiropractic adjustments were safe, natural, and effective methods to treat acute and chronic lower back pain in adults.

At Gold Coast Chiropractic, Dr. Fisher is an expert in identifying the source of lower back pain. He then can perform adjustments that treat back pain at its source. The best part? No drugs, no pills, no surgeries. Just safe, natural, and effective treatment of lower back pain!

2. Exercise

While it might sound backwards, research shows that exercising can reduce lower back pain. Aerobic exercise and strength training can help reduce back pain. These types of exercise improve flexibility, help maintain a healthy weight, reduce inflammation, improve posture, and increase muscle strength. Strengthening the core area is incredibly helpful in reducing lower back pain.

To get the most bang for your buck with back pain relief from exercise, try these tips:

  • Start any new type of exercise program slowly
  • Properly warm up and stretch before exercise
  • Learn and maintain proper form
  • Make sure your shoes offer plenty of support
  • Give your body adequate rest between workouts

3. Soft Tissue Therapy

Soft tissue therapy can be helpful in reducing lower back pain. Techniques such as active release technique, Graston technique, or massages, may help treat lower back pain. They can also help prevent lower back pain!

Soft tissue therapies help target some of the causes of back pain. Poor posture, muscular compensation, and muscle weakness can all be helped with soft tissue therapy. This type of therapy helps activate muscles that were previously disengaged due to injury or lack of exercise.

4. Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Healthy eating is a crucial part to maintaining a healthy body. A healthy diet can improve joint and muscle health, help maintain a healthy body weight, reduce inflammation, and reduce or prevent back pain!

Try eating a diet rich in unprocessed, anti-inflammatory foods. This type of diet includes:

  • High-fiber foods: Foods high in fiber help you feel fuller, longer. This helps you lose weight, regulates blood pressure, and promotes a healthy gut. Fruits, veggies, and whole grains are solid sources of fiber.
  • Water: Being properly hydrated prevents muscle spasms, manages blood pressure, improves digestion, and promotes healthy skin.
  • Potassium-rich foods: Potassium helps the body reduce swelling and serves as an electrolyte for muscle and nerve functions. Leafy greens, avocados, bananas, and cultured dairy are all great sources of potassium.
  • Omega-3s: Omega-3 fatty acids help the body reduce inflammation and manage pain. Work some wild-caught fish and flaxseed into your diet to reap these benefits.
  • Lean, clean proteins: Lean and clean meats help provide your body with protein. Protein is required for maintaining muscle and bone health. Eggs, clean protein powders, beans, and legumes are also good sources of protein.

Facts and Figures on Lower Back Pain

  • Men and women both suffer from lower back pain, but research shows it is more prevalent in women
  • The highest group of people at risk for lower back pain? Overweight adults who don’t exercise.
  • The incidence of low back pain is highest in someone’s 30s. Overall prevalence increases with age until the 60-65 age group.
  • Back pain is one of the most common reasons given for missed work across the world.
  • Back pain is the second most common reason for doctor office visits across the world.
  • Americans spend at least $50 billion each year to help diagnose and treat lower back pain symptoms.

Gold Coast Chiropractic Can Help Treat Your Lower Back Pain

Dr. Paul Fisher at Gold Coast Chiropractic can help treat your lower back pain! As an expert in back pain relief, Dr. Fisher will identify the underlying cause of your pain.

Unlike prescription or over the counter medications, chiropractic care treats back pain at its source. These medications simply mask the pain, allowing it to return time and time again.

Through chiropractic adjustments, Dr. Fisher can remove subluxations or misalignments in the spine that may be causing your lower back pain. These adjustments lead to long term pain relief. They are proven to be safe, natural, and effective in treating lower back pain. The best part? By treating your pain at its source, you get pain relief that lasts!

Contact Gold Coast Chiropractic today for your consultation and appointment. There is no need to accept lower back pain as a part of your life! We can help. 312.988.9655