12 Creative and Useful Health Life Hacks You Can Use Now

In this day and age, we are all looking for anything to make our lives easier. If there’s a shortcut or life hack that can also help us with our health goals, even better! We’ve scoured the Internet and put together a list of 12 creative and useful health life hacks that you can use right now — check them out and let us know what you think!


  1. Trying to eat less? Use a smaller plate. It helps your mind think there’s more food while limiting what you can pile on your plate.
  2. If you’re trying to quit smoking, head to the sauna for 3 days in a row. You’ll sweat out the nicotine and it’ll be easier to quit.
  3. Place a Tums pill on a mouth ulcer and it will help heal it quickly!
  4. Shrink a pimple by putting a dab of Listerine on it — the alcohol will help dry it out and cause it to fade.
  5. Since smell is strongly linked to memory, chewing the same flavor gum when taking a test as you did when you were studying can help improve your memory.
  6. Need a natural sore throat or cold remedy? Mix hot water, 2 tablespoons of honey, 2 tablespoons of vinegar, 2 tablespoons of lemon juice, and a dash of cinnamon. Mix well and drink up.
  7. Applying toothpaste to a burn can help soothe the pain and stop the burning.
  8. Trying to grow out your hair? Eat salmon! It’s omega-3s can help.
  9. Smiling naturally lifts the muscles in your face and slows down the rate at which you age.
  10. Lemon juice with a pinch of salt each morning has proven to lower cholesterol levels and increase weight loss efforts.
  11. Exhale on alternate feet while running to avoid cramps. This prevents adding extra stress to one side of your body.
  12. If your throat itches, scratch your ear. Doing so stimulates the nerves in your ear and creates a reflect in the throat which causes a muscle spasm that kills the itchy feeling.
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